About the Artist

Lisa Sloane grew up in the foothills of the San Gabriel mountains on the rockiest part of the great alluvial fan of San Antonio creek. She can’t remember a time when she didn’t have an intimate relationship with the land and animals around her.

Having what a close family member describes as an “effervescent passion for weirdness” her art is influenced by both a love of the obscure and gritty as well as a deep connection to the natural world. Her experience with many genres—from print making and graphic design to photography, painting, and drawing—provide her with an exciting tool box of techniques to use in her mixed media work.

Lisa has lived in Northern California for over 35 years, most recently in Sonoma County where her Zen Buddhist practice, the landscape and wildlife around her, and that continued passion for weirdness inspire and inform her art.

Artist Statement

Whether it’s the myriad colors I see at twilight on the surface of a lake or the way a rust pattern plays with the paint on a dumpster, I am stunned and inspired by the world around us.

I love taking materials that may seem mundane and everyday—like a used tea bag—and transforming it into something else. I get excited when I see a discarded item and wonder how it can be repurposed and reused. For me, bringing a variety of different materials together to create a cohesive piece of art is the very core of what mixed media is all about.

My creative process is a contemplative, meditative practice. It’s my hope that, by reaching deep inside myself, my art in turn touches a place in the viewer that can’t be easily articulated. Perhaps that’s why I like to work in multiple layers, creating physical depth in my pieces. At the end of the day, exploring how we are all connected—to each other and to this planet—is what fuels and inspires me.